Memory Collage

This form of collage is a bit more advanced but do not fear as there are no “wrong” ways to do collage, my dear friends! For this one, I took an antique frame which was destined for the yard sale box and I lined it with a waffle textured packing paper because I loved the moody feel of it. This set the tone for the entire piece, which evolved over a period of days, as I gathered up old letters & postcards from my high school pen pal in France, some pix of my folks and even one of me in San Juan which I copied in sepia tone so it would fit the monotone theme. I added some metal buttons, a bit of sheet music, a few postmarks, a few keys, some cloth trim, a cameo strung on a grossgrain ribbon and whatever else seemed to want to be in there including a little sketch I had done to add just a hint of color and I trimmed all around with a string of gold craft beads. Right now I call it finished but you never know when something will fall into my hands that would be just perfect on that collage. That is the joy of creating something like this…you can call it done or keep going but beware of going too far!  =)Memory Collage


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