Underneath The Feeder

The feederUnderneath the feeder

There’s a world all of it’s own

A  host of fur and feather

Feast on seeds that have been thrown


The box is filled with plenty

And it dangles from above

A passing Cardinal tosses down

Some breakfast for a Dove


The Blue Jay tries to land up there

But he’s too big to stay

His clumsy efforts move the feeder

Causing seeds to spray


Down below, a hungry Squirrel

Is grateful for the treat

As the Jay creates a windfall

of lunch right at his feet!


It’s a busy spot from dawn ’til dusk

A gathering place for all

As some dine at the feeder

And some,  from seeds that fall


Yes, underneath the feeder

Is a special place, you see 

As fur and feather come together

And form a family

By Maron Craig Bielovitz


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