A Patch of Mint

A splash of useful freshness

A splash of useful freshness

I have a nice patch of mint, a few different varieties, growing by the shed. It’s kind of shady there but the Mint  is doing well. Mint generally likes a sunny spot which is probably why mine is not taking over the whole yard!  Some folks prefer to plant Mint in a bucket to prohibit root growth but mine has free range and so far I love the pretty waves of bright green that come up each year since Mint is a perennial. Here in the North East, summer is the season to enjoy this fresh herb in your iced tea or, if you are more imaginative,  your Mint julep! You can dry the leaves and use them all year (those Bearded Iris  you can spot in the Mint patch are going to be moved to a sunnier spot in the fall). My garden is a work in progress and always will be…=)


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