Meet the “Furkids”

Meet the Scotties

Meet the Scotties

So these are the furkids. 10 year old Angus (aka Gus) is the big guy on the left and 4 year old Maggie is the petite gal wedged between the back of the chair and the pillow. Sometimes she thinks she’s a cat, sitting on the backs of furniture! These French doors looking out onto the patio and backyard are their “windows to the world”! From here they keep a watchul eye on the comings and goings of all the garden creatures on and under the bird feeder and bird baths. And it is from here that they sound the alarm when a neighborhood cat has the “audacity” to walk along the garden path or hunt under the feeder for little critters!! What a racket they make when that happens. One evening at dusk, they alerted us to a huge black bear who was using our bird feeder for a lunch bucket! He had taken it off the hanger and was sitting against the tree with the top ripped off the feeder and holding it in his lap as he scooped seeds out like a construction worker having his break! Never a dull moment around here!!


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