Shade Garden

Don’t you just love to walk around your gardens in the early morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and your camera in the other? I took these shots a few days ago. Enjoy!

Hanging Plants on Patio

Hanging Plants on Patio

I have this awesome plant holder that my clever son-in-law made for me. It’s on our back patio and every year I hang a variety of potted plants on it. There are a few favorites that I feel I must put out there each year because I enjoy them so much. The Fuchsia is one that I love for it’s beautiful and colorful blooms that look like little lanterns in pink & purple. Another that I favor is the bright blue lobelia that performs a knock out show for me all summer long.  Diascia is a real show off too with it’s dainty, deep pink flowers. I also have a bright yellow Lantana, A  white, cascading Bacopa , a single Petunia and a hybrid called Supertunia that has double blooms. Because of all the spring rain this year,  I did loose a Superbells Calibrachoa hybrid and the Bacopa is a little leggy too. But all in all, I love looking out there and seeing the shed peeking through all those colorful blooms.  It’s very enjoyable to eat a meal on the patio with the nice backdrop of posies and my hubby’s wonderful tomato plants! (you can see a few tomato plants to the right of the hanging flowers)
Shade Garden

Shade Garden

I love our little shade garden. We expanded it a bit this year and though you can’t see them in this shot, some of those many Hostas I transplanted ended up here, bordering one side of the shed. It’s also a great spot for the antique bird bath.  A garden angel, who is tucked back into the far corner, keeps watch over the little visitors to this shady haven. This particular shot has our neighbors house in the background.


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