Canine conversation

Maggie takes a nappie

Maggie takes a nappie

Let’s set the scene:  Maggie is in a dead sleep in the office. Gus is in his own sleep zone in the dining room. “Mom” (me) is in the laundry room running water in the utility sink…for…anything

Maggie  (suddenly standing over Gus) says in Doggie sign language (Gus is deaf as a stone) “Quick, follow me”

Gus: Where are we going?

Maggie: Under the bed…quick!

Gus: (following Maggie under the bed) Why?

Maggie: Mom is running water for a bath in the sink!!

Gus: Oh…thanks. Whew, that was close! I gotta get a hearing aid…



  1. Bonnie Said:

    I always felt our 4-legged friends were somehow able to conspire against us!

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      You got that right!!

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