Flea Market Happiness

Oh happy day. The Donald and I went to the flea market this morning (yes, we played hooky from church). It was the perfect morning to go. After last night’s thunder showers, the air was fresh with a little breeze but the sun was bright. I was not looking for anything in particular (except the vendors that I had seen last time I was there that I was hoping would be there today since I’d “passed” on a few good deals that day). They were NOT there, darn it,  but I did purchase some vintage sheet music, two very old books in Russian (I think… I’ll have to scan a page and e-mail it to my friend, Ilya who is from Russia) and two rubber stamps…one of Lois Lane and one that says “Clark Kent” but the stamp is his Superman persona. The stamps are old and I only paid 50 cents…yay! The deal of the day,  which I will use in my art  journal for sure and probably in a collage or two.  I am happy to say that I “bargained” with each vendor, to my husband’s delight. He said I was getting toughin my “old age”…hurumph! Hey mister, I’m on a fixed income now…ha ha! I always wanted to say that! (It feels good, really!)  Hope your Sunday morning was great and that you are doing something that makes you happy today!


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