Aboard the Mary Patten

Aboard the Mary Patten

Aboard the Mary Patten

I found these black and white photos in with a bunch of old photos from an elderly relative who was throwing them away. I have no idea who the folks pictured are except that they may be distant relatives. What I found interesting was that they were obviously on a ship and upon closer examination, I read an inscription someone had added which said “Aboard the Mary Patten”.  The date was Sept. 9, 1925. I was curious so I went on line and found that Mary Patten was a famous ship Captain’s wife back in the 1800’s so the ship these folks were sailing on must have been named after her. I believe they were sailing to Scotland. I copied a map of North and South America in black and white for the background and clipped a few articles about Captain Patten & his wife Mary and inserted snippets of those on the pages.  Fun to sit and dream of who these folks were and how long they would be sailing for!!



  1. Ah! This is perfect! Thanks for countering many
    misunderstandings I had heard on this as of late.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      I would be so interested to hear what you have to offer on this subject if you get time!
      Thanks, Maron

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