Grammie’s Chair by Maron Craig Bielovitz

Grammie's Chair

Grammie's Chair

The big chair sits by the patio door

With room for Grammie, a Grandchild and more

A seat that’s cushy and extra wide

For a Winter’s nap, it’s a cozy ride

Grammie’s books are piled up here

Good thoughts for today and the Bible to cheer

Words of wisdom to enrich the mind

A mystery, a romance or the self-help kind

Grammie's Chair details

It’s a morning haven to savor a cup

Snug in the chair…with a quilt and a pup

To look out the window and watch the snow

Content and warm with no place to go 

It’s a place to pray and talk to God

To watch the sun rise and feel so awed

Yes, just inside the patio door

Is a chair for dreaming and reading and more…




  1. Kim Karus Said:

    I know I’ve already commented on this poem, but I love the pictures that go with it! Love the art work, and especially the gardens!!!!
    Love You!

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      You are so sweet and as one poet to another, I take that as high praise…=) Love you too!

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