Just another day in paradise

Some interesting things happen to me frequently when I am walking my dogs on our road. Just last week, for instance, Maggie directed me to a twenty dollar bill laying along the road. Now THAT walk paid off! lol And yesterday, as we set off in the opposite direction, a big deer bounded out of the brush  and proceeded to white tail it up the road just ahead of us! Maggie was pulling Gus & I along at a brisk pace behind that deer! I don’t know what she was planning to do with it if she caught up with it!!

Another doggie incident happened last night although it was not while we out strolling (thank goodness).  I went to bed around 11 which is fairly late for me as I am an early bird…early to bed and early to rise. I was in a sound sleep when Miss Maggie  started growling and jumping on & off the bed. I figured Mr. Skunk was around so I tossed  a little throw pillow at her and rolled over. Pretty soon, I heard our very heavy metal bird feeder hit the ground with a loud thud. It’s not that far from our (open) bedroom window. I called out to my hubby, who was still watching TV in the living room and he turned on the patio lights and the back flood light, illuminating a very large black bear having a midnight snack out of our bird feeder. I came out and curled up in my chair by the patio doors and watched that bear for an hour. When it was finished with the seeds, it sauntered behind our shed and I moved my vantage point to the master bathroom for a better view. I could see it through the trees behind our little shade garden. It had discovered the little enclosure that our neighbors keep their garbage bags in until garbage pick up day. It opened the door and ripped through the bag in there for another tasty snack. It was at this point…I am now standing in the jacuzzi tub peering out the window above it…that the bear steps out of the shadows and there behind it are two little bear cubs! They played around under the neighbor’s tree for a while and I could see them well as the porch light was on over there. Then they sashayed off into the shadows in search of the next yard and perhaps another treat!!! Now THAT is what we country folks call entertainment!! And how was your evening?

Angus...a handsome brute!

Angus...a handsome brute!

Gussie has been having some arthritis problems lately. When our first Scottie, MacTavish,  got older we had to construct a ramp for him to get on & off the front porch and I think we are at that point with Gus as we have been having to lift him onto the porch lately. Those very short Scottie legs do not help nor does the fact that his sight is not what it used to be. At 10 years of age, he is otherwise in very good health. Tomorrow we go see the Vet for a rabies booster and to set up a teeth cleaning. Gus does NOT like that visit!! Poor guy!



  1. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    Good luck at the vets tomorrow Gussie and please don’t take any night time strolls in the back yard! =)

    • theartfulcodger Said:


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