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Queen Annes Lace and Tiger Lilies

Queen Annes Lace and Tiger Lilies

On our road, we are lucky to have many varieties of wild flowers. Among them are the beautiful Queen Annes Lace, which is an herb of the parsley family. It’s a common weed but widely naturalized in North America and the Eternal Gardener has seen fit to team it up with the hardy orange Tiger Lily on our road.  It’s as lovely an arrangement as Martha Stewart herself could come up with! Some other wild flowers on our road are  the very fragrant and multi hued Honesuckle, Mock Orange (again, very fragrant), Creeping Myrtle, a wonderful ground cover with shiny dark foliage and purple flowers in spring, Crown Vetch (which I hate as it is very invasive if it gets into your gardens) , Daisies, Buttercups and a host of others as well. We also have rasberries, blackberries and strawberries growing wild along the road. The strawberries were especially abundant this year. One summer when my son was very young, we looked up wildflowers in the library and with books in hand, we set out to discover what we could identify in our area. I wish I could remember the names of all those flowers we studied back then! There is a major brook flowing near our home that is fed by a big dam and there is abundant flora and fauna along it’s banks to study. Guess I should revisit those banks and see what is still there and what may have taken root since those long ago summer days…..


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  1. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    I didn’t know that Queen Anne’s Lace is a herb of the parsley family. You learn something new every day! Pretty picture.

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