Visitors to to the studio

Wednesday evenings, our Grandchildren stay over. We pick them up at camp, have a nice evening with them and return them to camp the next morning. Gives Mommy & Daddy a break and gives us some time with them in the summer that we might not otherwise get as they are such busy little people! So this week was a little hectic because the Princess is involved in cheer leading. This is a big commitment of time and effort on the part of the child as well as the parents! I think it’s 4 nights a week for 2 hours at a clip. So while she was at practice, the crowned Prince and I went to the grocery store and then he & Gramps had Matchbox car races on Gussies ramp on the front porch while I went to fetch his sister. Well, by the time they had a snack and got washed and ready for bed, it was well past their bedtime so all we could do Wed. night was a few bedtime stories. Thursday morning however, they were up early, ate breakfast and took their baths. I had their backpacks ready to go with dry bathing suits & towels and the lunches ready in the refrigerator and we still had an hour to spare! So of course they came up with the idea to go to Grammie’s studio and do some art!! What could I say…we did have that hour to spare!! =)

Covered with their painting aprons and armed with the supplies I had laid out for them, they each set to work on a painting/collage. My Grandson took an immediate liking to the rubber stamps..especially the bird ones and he set to work, never lifting his head, as he laid down a symmetrical pattern on his page. He is very artistic and can draw extremely well for a 6 year old but this was something different and he was being “cautious” I noticed as he stamped almost in rows…huh!  Interesting. His sister, on the other hand, had spied one of my recent collages that appealed to her senses and she set to work emulating that particular piece with her own twist. She is usually more sloppy and loose with her art than her brother is and so it was interesting to see her “planning” what she would do next! I must say, that I was impressed with both finished paintings and I know they will proud to present them to Mommy and Daddy at a future date.  (They were still on the drafting  board drying when they had to leave for camp) I just love watching them create and it was so interesting to see how they had both changed their usual art style to tackle something with a different set of supplies and inspiration. If we could all tap into that unrestrained child in each of us, we’d never have a creative “block”. What’s the lesson here? Try doing something in a different way…use different materials. Stretch your imaginations!


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