A visit to the garden..

A visit to the garden always starts with the proper attire and tools!!

Garden shoes & hat

Okay, let’s go! Up the garden path…

Garden Path

This path of red gravel, bordered on one side by Hostas and the other by the bank of Creeping Myrtle, was one of my first landscaping marvels! I was so proud of myself when I dug this path into a dusty clay bank at the “birth” of our back garden!

Bee BalmThe Bee Balm is at the very top of my loosey goosey back garden. This garden is home to anything that won’t grow anywhere else or the “over flow” from other beds and has become a wild profusion of Coreopsis, Trumpet Vine that  escaped from the trellis, Vinca vines, Italian Basil run- amuck, Siberian Iris, Wild Strawberries and Bearded Iris..just to name a few!!

Wagon of flowers

At the back of the patio, I have this wonderful old wagon that my Step-Dad gave to me just before he died. My husband has faithfully restored it for me and I love to fill it with flower pots each summer. This year, with all the early rain, a lot of the old fashioned variety of Snap Dragons didn’t make it but as you can see I still have Snap Dragon hybrids, Bocopa, Nicotania, Lantana, Petunias and my favorite…Verbena. It’s a nice backdrop for patio dining.

Hanging verbena

As I said, Verbena is one of my all time favorite annuals and I couldn’t resist hanging this big one next to the shed.

Front garden

Here we are back at the front garden. Here I have three kinds of Coreopsis. The tall gold one, the meduim yellow and a pretty pink one that grows close to the ground. The Purple Cone Flower (Echinacea purpurea) grows like crazy here and I have to keep it in check! The Rhododendrons like this location as well.

Bee on coneflower

To end our walk in the garden today, here is a honey bee working busily at a cone flower. Hope you enjoyed the gardens!



  1. I loved seeing your garden pictures! Beautiful.
    Thanks for asking to add a link to my blog.
    So sweet of you.

  2. Susan Gilday Said:

    I loved the trip through your garden. It was very beautiful when we were there for Don’s party. You are such a clever person. All my time is taken up with my beautiful Grand-Daughter. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love ya, Suz

    • I know just what you mean as we have our Grandchildren at least once a week and we REALY look foreward to it! If we knew it was so much fun being Grandparents, we would have just skipped right to that part, right! ha ha!

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