Edgewood in Summer…

Edgewood in Summer

Edgewood in Summer

I am a lover of English and Scottish Authors. That’s the closest I get to reading a romance novel. The stories themselves are romantic just because of the settings and I love that they name their houses or estates. THAT is a romantic notion to me! Sooo… when we built our home in ’96, I decided I would give it a suitible name. I thought about it carefully and mulled over a few possibilities and then, because there are woods behind the house and across the road from our house, I decided on “Edgewood” and it suits this house just fine. I had a wooden sign made up for the front porch next to the door and one of these days, I will put one at the bottom of the driveway on a signpost.

Edgewood sign

What the heck, the neighbors already think of me as “artsy strange” anyway, right?! Maybe I’ll start a trend. Our former home, which is right next door, and now owned by my son & his wife, I had named “Knotty Pine Place” for the beautiful, golden knotty pine interior walls. That home had been a Speak Easy during prohibition and so, having such historical significance in the community, deserved at least a name! So I challenge you to come up with a name for your house, estate, farm or wherever you live and share it with the rest of us!! Come on….let’s hear it! I know I have readers every day because I can see my “Stats” but you are certainly a bashful bunch!! This blog is a place to voice your opinion on any post you see so please let me hear from you. It would make my day….=) And I hope your day will be wonderful….


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