Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards are, to an Artist, what Baseball Cards are to the Baseball enthusiast.  The only design spec is that they MUST be 2 & a half inches by 3 & a half inchs and thin enough to fit into a trading card sleeve. You can cut your own from a number of materials or you can purchase them pre-cut in art supply and craft stores. The cards must not be mass market printed..they must be individually self-produced. They must be traded, not sold. The back side of the card must include the contact information of the Artist along with the name and date of the creation.  They are usually created in a series of up to 6 cards that have a central look and/or theme.  These are miniature works of art and can be as simple or as complex as desired. They are a nice diversion and challenge for an artist.  This series is called “critters” and while the colors are diverse, the materials used unifies the design of the series. They’re really fun to make and of course you would make several of each design in the series to trade and one of each to keep for yourself.  Happy trading!


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