Healing power of art

We have spent a few days reeling and healing around our house after the death of our beloved Scottie,  Angus. I haven’t felt like doing much of anything except reading and watching some mindless TV. This morning I helped mow the lawns and then I came in the house to read and answer e-mail. Today The Donald and I are celebrating our 44th anniversary. We decided to put off any real celebration until the weekend. Only other animal lovers can understand that you do mourn the loss of a pet. But just doing physical work is good for the soul and I know that today I will be able to go back into my studio and create something and it will be inspired and it will be healing. I love art and anything that you love to do is so healing. So love what you do and do what you love and it will soothe your hurts…

Today is for you Gussie!

Today is for you Gussie!



  1. Susan Gilday Said:

    Sorry for your loss Maron & Donnie. I do hope you will try to celebrate sometime for your 44 Anniversary. I did remember it but I wasn’t able to get to send you a greeting. Hope all is well otherwise. Love to you both,
    Suz & Bill

  2. Cathy Strackbein Said:

    Happy belated anniversary, andgood wishes for many more to come. It is tough losing a pet, and when it’s one that was as sweet as Gus was it is even harder.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Thank you and happy anniversary to you as well!! I know all of the M J gals will miss our Gus too.

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