Garden Journal

Trumpet flowers

Trumpet flowers

I keep a Garden Journal of when the perennials bloom each year in my gardens, anything new I plant and the locations, how many annuals I purchase each year for the pots and the cost of those annuals, etc. I’m pretty good at writing in the journal in the early spring and summer when the excitement of new growth is still high. Then I tend to neglect writing down when the later spring and autumn plants begin to bloom. This year I am trying to be more consistent! Here is a classic example of two beautiful plants pictured above and below. The trumpet vine, which you can see growing on a white arbor that my son-in-law made, has a heavy, woodsy trunk from which the shoots spring forth in abundance each year and within the past week (first week of August) has bloomed gloriously! In the background, you can see the Bee Balm also in full bloom. The Hummingbirds and Bees just love these plants and being located so close to the hubby’s veggie garden, they are a real plus for pollination!  This is the eye candy which is the reward of your gardening efforts!

Trumpet Vine & Bee Balm

Trumpet Vine & Bee Balm


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