An Artful Blog

Octagon plates and pear

Octagon plates and pear

Defining my blog…my mission statement, if you will…has been an evolution. It is truly a journal of my life as an artist, writer, gardener, pet lover, etc. but it is really just an “artful” blog. Something that I hope anyone can read and relate to on one level or another. My fondest hope is that, once you subscribe to the Artful Codger’s Blog (it’s free to subscribe), that you will find here a way to help you celebrate the beauty in your own life. Finding art and beauty in the everyday experience is what this blog is all about. Looking at life in an artful way and perhaps sharing it with others.  I would love to receive your artful photos and thoughts and permission to share it with others. So I am starting a new category today. It is called “Sharing” and in it I will celebrate and share the work of other creative folks. Don’t be bashful. Please share with me. If you don’t want your contribution posted on my blog…that’s okay too. But just the action of sharing it with me is the greatest gift you can give to your creative self! And in that spirit, I will post the first contribution later today under the new category, “Sharing..the work of guest artists”. Don’t miss it!!  =)


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