Life is colorful

Circles of color

Circles of color

The other day I was looking through a box of spools of colored thread  and I suddenly noticed that my box of watercolors, sitting open next to the thread, made a pretty composition of circles of color. One box complimented the other perfectly! The shapes and colors reflecting back to each other and I thought how our lives are just like that. We find ourselves sitting next to like-minded people who just compliment and enrich our lives in so many ways. I’m not saying that I am such a gem of a friend. I am just saying that the reflection from my jewel like friends makes my life sparkle in ways that wouldn’t be possible without them in my life.  Take a moment today to see who you find yourself next to…who you are attracted to..who is attracted to you… and know that you are a reflection of their beauty!! Have a jewel of a day!

And be sure to look for the beauty in small things….

Shades of white...

Shades of white...



  1. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    Palettes of color come in many forms!

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