The Garden Shed..

The Garden Shed

The Garden Shed

I am proud to present the photo and essay, The Old Shed, submitted by Bonnie Craig Gogolski…my sister and friend…as my very first offering in this category. Enjoy!

The Old Shed

 by Bonnie Craig Gogolski

The old shed in my back yard brings back many memories. It’s more than just a shed, it’s a landmark on the property. It’s where my late husband, Cy’s gardening tools are stored…never to be used by him again. It’s where once a riding lawn mower was parked, now replaced by a self-propelled, push type, since I was afraid to use the rider. There’s also a heavy-duty weed whacker which is so heavy that I can hardly lift it and a gardening tiller…all tools of a man who loved to work the land and make things with his hands.

The shed was built by Cy and our two sons when they were young teens. Cy needed a new shed and he took this opportunity to teach the boys “how to build a house from the ground up”, as he put it. He felt it would prepare them for the future when they’d be husbands with homes and responsibilities…and it has.

They did a great job. It’s still standing and useful today although it could use a new coat of paint!



  1. Cathy Strackbein Said:

    What a beautiful tribute to your husband.

  2. On behalf of Bonnie, I thank you…and I agree 100%

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