Tomato wilt…

medium sized tomatoes

medium sized tomatoes

All around the county you hear folks complaining about their tomato leaves curling up and dying. The Donald’s garden is no exception. As you can see, there are no lush leaves surrounding the lower tomatoes on these vines. That’s because the wilt starts at the bottom and works it’s way up. He picks off the wilted leaves when they become too much of an eyesore but, as you can see, the tomatoes are still growing pretty nicely.

mini tomatoes

mini tomatoes

Even the small varieties like the grape and cherry tomatoes are subject to this leaf wilt. While at the Farmer’s market recently, the Donald asked the Master Gardeners about it and they said that he would have to get rid of the soil and disinfect the pots next year and start with fresh soil. That sounds like a pretty easy solution to me but I guess that’s a lot of potting soil to replace when you think about it!! Oh well, the potting soil companies have to survive too. Small price to pay if you are serious about getting rid of the wilt. Happy gardening!


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