Antique wedding dress…

antique wedding dress

antique wedding dress

I was digging around in the guest room closet the other day and came across a wardrobe bag that was pushed to the back of the closet. Curiosity compelled me to look inside and see what forgotten garment lay within. Imagine my surprise when I removed the wrapping to reveal my late Mother-in-law’s wedding dress! The workmanship is so beautiful and the material is so unusual. I guess it’s a silk organza but it looks to be screen printed with tiny gold flowers. It has the label of a Scranton company sewn into it. It’s very stiff and would surely have been quite uncomfortable but stylish in it’s day… with it’s long, flowy train! The under slip is a full length, ivory satin which is lovely enough to wear on it’s own with a feminine shawl thrown over it in this day and age!

I showed the dress to my Grandaughter who is only 8 years old and of course, being the clothes horse that she is, she had to try it on. We were shocked to discover that her little waist fit perfectly into the dress! How slender her Great Grandmother must have been as a young bride!  I shall let it hang in the room for a little while just for the sheer beauty and nostalgia of having it there. I think Nana would approve…….

lacy details

lacy details



  1. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    Gorgeous dress…. I’m sure she was a beautiful bride. It’s nice that it’s still in such good condition. What a sweet idea to keep it on display for a while. I’m sure she would be honored.

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