A Basket for Turning Fifty

Today I am publishing a whimsical poem, written by someone to her good friend who was turning fifty. She presented this poem to the birthday girl along with a gift basket. I know you will enjoy the content as much as the rhythm of this piece….   

turning 50 basket

A Basket for turning 50


In this basket you will find

 Things to make being 50 

 A bit more kind

Foot cream and soft socks

To comfort your feet

Because when you’re 50

They can’t take the heat

Bengay and body lotion

To slather all over

‘Cuz ‘ya  know… turning 50

Is no roll in the clover

An energy candle to hasten your step

Because when you turn 50

You run out of pep

A handy massager to soothe every muscle

Because when you’re 50

It’s harder to hustle

And last but not least

A bottle of wine

‘Cuz when you are 50

Feelin’  mellow’s sublime! 

by Cathy Strackbein 









  1. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    What an up-beat poem for a “milestone” birthday that most of us would rather forget! I loved it.

  2. On behalf of Cathy, I will say thank you for the tip of the hat! I just love whimsical poetry!

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