Creative Every Day Challenge

Patio door plate shelves

On her Art Blog, Creative Every Day, Leah Piken Kolidas challenges artists to be creative consistently. Literally…this is an ongoing theme on her blog for artists to challenge themselves onward and upward each day as we grow in our art. I’ve decided to take the challenge myself and for today I must say, I have met the challenge head on with the many creative outlets I have been engaged in. Monday is always “change the beds and do laundry day” in my house  therefore, I am in and out of the laundry room a lot. So I figured this would be a great time to multi task and incorporate some of my creative tasks with my domestic chores. I have a nice big utility sink in my laundry room and it is ideal for soaking antique ephemera from old scrapbook pages. This is a job that you need to monitor closely so you don’t ruin the ephemera. As soon as the old adhesive is disolved by the warm water, you need to carefully slide the objects from the pages and get them onto a clean surface to dry. There is really no one way of doing this chore but I have my own technique and I will share it with you. I fill my utility sink with just a few inches of luke warm water and carefully place one sheet in at a time. epherma in utility sink

Most of these sheets are filled on both sides so you get double the bang for your buck so to speak. After the page has soaked for about 5 minutes, check to see if the ephemera is beginning to lift from the scrapbook page. If it is, see if it will slide on the page. When it slides, it is ready to be removed from the old paper. Carefully slide it off the page and place it on a cookie sheet or board that has been covered with freezer paper (wax side up). When you have covered your surface with pieces of ephemera, carefully blot with a clean terry dish towel. Let them sit for a bit while you tend to another sheet. epherma dryingLater, remove them from the freezer paper, flip them over and let them dry on a drying rack such as an old refrigerator shelf or a baking rack. drying rackWhen they are completely dry, store them in an acid free environment and you will always have a ready supply of collage and journal materials!

As for the rest of my creative day, I have done a lot of picture editing and writing and it’s still early. I love having an entire day to devote to my little muse!! Hope you are letting your own muse have fun today….


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