Inject some spice

Life becomes so dull when we just continue along the same path day after day. We become like a robot just going along with the program… so to speak. How much better our lives are when we allow ourselves to veer off that familiar path and take a little used trail. Who knows what lies around the corner? It’s an adventure just thinking about it.

Fall makes me think about shaking things up a bit. Dusting out the corners, rearranging furniture, maybe getting  new bathroom curtains, a bright throw for the back of a chair, a pretty decorative pillow for the sofa, setting a big bowl of “something different” on a coffee table…well, you get the idea. It’s my last surge of getting the nest ready before I hunker down for the quiet months of Winter. I want the “nest” to be especially nice for that period of time when I will be in the house more. I want fresh pumpkin, apple, cinnamon spicy smells to be all around the place and I want the colors of my winter surroundings to be a little mellow and warm looking.  

I want to have some real goals set for myself that I can work on during the colder months here in the North East. I make lists and I cross things off if and when I accomplish them. I don’t berate myself if I don’t finish the list but I do try to put some more challenging things on there..not just the “stuff ” that I know I will easily get to.  In fact, some of the “carry overs” from last Winter’s list are at the top of this year’s list! They just happen to be things that involve organizing and cleaning…hmmmn…not surprising, eh?  (Two medicine cabinets and a linen closet) lol!  But I know how great it will feel when I have them all cleaned and organized and that will make my spirits soar so that I will feel encouraged to do something else. It might be more “work” but more likely, it will be something creative and fun.

Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!

I have a group of friends that I play Mah Jongg with every week and these gals are such a fun bunch to be with. We really enjoy each others company and we spend a lot of time together doing other things as well. So many times if I’m veering off the everyday path, it will be with some or all of these fun people. Infuse your life with fun people…you won’t be sorry! They will think of things to do that you wouldn’t have done on your own. And you know what? You will love it! You might not enjoy the play or the restaurant that someone else chose but you’ll be glad you stretched yourself to try something different and you’ll enjoy the camaraderie!

This will be the first Winter of my retirement so it will be different in many ways. It will be challenging to give the Hubster his space and for him to allow me mine. It will be a challenge to feel productive because I am a person who needs to be busy and accomplished and fruitful. I am grateful that I have so many interests and options to keep me happy. I have my family (especially those two sweet Grand kids), my work with the ARC of NEPA (a non profit organization), my art, my church, my Maggie girl, the house, my many friends and a host of other things to look forward to filling the long months of Winter with! Who could ask for anything better than this? 

One more tile to win!

One more tile to win!



  1. leah Said:

    changing things up a bit with color and moving things around is always good. great idea to do that in the colder months!

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