She could light up a room

She could light up a room

She could light up a room

I was looking through some ephemera and spied these ad cards for  Hood’s Sasperilla. The young lady pictured is so fresh and fun looking. You just know that she would be the belle of the ball, a social butterfly much sought after. So I paired her images with an actual ladies calling card, some flowers and a vintage romantic poem for a wonderful new page in my art journal. I arranged it all on a striped tissue paper background. This is the poem:

You Are All The World To Me

Without thy smile the monarch’s lot,

To me were dark and lone,

While with it, e’en the humblest cot

Were brighter than his throne,

Fame, Fortune, Joy or Liberty

Were worthless if not blest with thee

I haven’t located the writer of that poem yet and I suspect there was much more of it but that’s all that was printed on the little gold embossed card. Can you imagine the flutter of her heart when the gentleman suitor slipped the little card to her as they left the dance floor……..sigh….


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