Center Stage

tea cups & doilies 

I love monochromatic color schemes and art with lots of texture and layers as much as the next guy but once in a while, I need to create something ordered and fresh and just let the elements of the arrangement stand out in crisp contrast to the background of the piece. I need to let a certain art stamp or vintage photograph be the star of the piece with the other elements taking a supporting role.

Attend an art show and take notice of how you react to the different pieces in the exhibit. A dark, complex piece can put you in a funky frame of mind while a light, whimsical piece can set your imagination soaring…

That’s why I like to get out from under the habit of creating moody, layered art once in a while and throw off the complexity for a lighter and fresher approach. The result always pleases and surprises me. That is not to say that the content has to be “predictable or boring”…not by a long shot! Some of my most airy works are very funky in content. And while they may perplex the eye of the beholder, they usually cause a little smile as well. Let your art be full of light and space sometimes….know when to stop, step back and say…this is refreshing…this is good! Let something simple flow from your creative soul today.



  1. Julie Said:

    Pretty picture and nice post.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Thank you Julie. I enjoyed my visit to your blog! We both seem to have an affinity for Queen Anne’s lace! (see The Garden Path category)

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