‘Ya gotta love it….

Begonia in copper tubWhat a glorious day! You really have to love it, right? We had a happy , busy day. First off…we went to our favorite breakfast spot and encountered our daughter and grandson. Bon was having a little reunion breakfast with some former high school pals…who we were so happy to see and visit with as well. (Nice to see how their lives have turned out so well!) Then it was off to the football stadium to watch our grandaughter in a cheering competition. She is growing up so fast that it scares me when I look out on the field for her and see a teeny bopper out there!! She was so  precious that I don’t know how they could not help but give her a trophy just for being herself!! Then back home for a little rest and a walk with Maggie. Then hit the road again to go and watch our grandson in his soccer match. What a beautiful day to be sitting there cheering him on. Then back home to get ready for a nice early dinner out with some good friends.  We had such a nice day. No work and all play. I just love fall. This is truly my season to feel alive!! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do….


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