Stretching out to try new styles and new techniques can be a little intimidating but it can also be inspiring for an artist to see that what comes out of the effort is something good or at the very least… something different. It’s wonderful to see that you can reach inside and come up with a new creation that is out of your “norm.”  And it inspires you to break the mold time and time again. I’ve been experimenting with colors and textures a lot lately and I’m happy to see the wide range of work resulting from the experimentations. Some of it I love right away. Some of it…no so much and I may never even like it and some of it just grows on me as I look at it each day and see it differently. Maybe it’s my mood, maybe it’s where it’s sitting in the studio, maybe it just pops when I frame it, but all of a sudden it’s making sense. It’s speaking to me and a “maybe” becomes a “definitely”! Isn’t it just amazing that you can do such diverse works with pretty much the same materials that you have been using for years? It really does inspire your creativity. It moves you forward with a new energy…..

Floating leaves

Floating leaves

This collage, which started as an acrylic painting in fall tones, was actually inspired by the “floating” frame which was just screaming for something colorful and loose.



 A Gessoed canvas was the textural foundation for this piece done in a rich Sienna tone. Then some fun slopping on globs of Gesso again. It all looks free and easy but is actually a little scary to me! Crazy, I know…how can you “ruin” such an abstract piece? But then it just needed something more and the thirteen circles in black and gold seemed just right.

By The Sea

By The Sea

More Gesso texture to start with but this time worked over in a bright palette of colors. Just abstract shapes that reminded me of sand and waves of dunes and fences of shells and sunsets…..

More texture and dimensional goodies tomorrow!


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