Busy Days..



Don’t you love that this old shed door still has this lock firmly in place? What a neat picture story. These have been busy days getting my show hung and doing last minute things such as helping my daughter in law finish my brochures today! But it is fun and exciting stuff.

Still…my Maggie girl must have her daily walks and this is a great opportunity to get these great photos. It’s been a good Art Everyday # 3 for me. Hope it was for you too!



  1. nancy t Said:

    It’s a great photo – makes me want to do a similar painting! nancy

  2. It would make a wonderful painting, wouldn’t it? Hope you will share it with us if you decide to do it!

  3. Ana Said:

    I love that old lock door. Brings an air of realism to nature. 🙂

  4. I love this. Your photography is wonderful. I am glad that your Maggie needs walks and that you shared.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Thank you, I’m glad you ejoyed the photos. Yes, Maggie gives me my exercise everyday!! =)

  5. nadiaqh Said:

    love this photo.i found your blog from doing my own gardening blog on mint… your blog was under mine with suggestions for other links. pretty cool. i am trying to incorporate more photos in my blog. http://www.nadiaknows.com

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      I love my gardens and especially my loosey goosey patch of mint! It’s so pretty and fragrant. I enjoyed visiting your blog too!

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