Things in a jar…

Blue Jar Series

Blue Jar Series

I recently got this neat art stamp of a  Mason type jar and I have been really having some fun with it. So here is my latest series of minis that I have been working on for the art every day challenge….

Bird Blue Jar Series


Dream Blue Jar Series


Tick Tock Blue Jar series

Tick Tock



  1. I really like what you have done. I love collecting things and that is what these jars remind me of.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      I like collecting things too and have several mason jars in my studio filled with “treasures & stuff”!! =)

  2. Your minis live within one of my current themes: Dreams Coming True!! YAY! They are gorgeous!

  3. Thank you Julie and I hope your dreams do come true!

  4. I love me some mason jars 🙂 And you’ve done a beautiful thing with them. Excellent ATCs!

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Thanks for the nice words though they are not ATC’s but are done on 5×7 canvas board. The idea would be good for ATC’s though if the jar stamp was a bit smaller….hmmmm

  5. coRa Said:

    Very neat! Love the blue…

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      thank you..had fun doing them.

  6. linda Said:

    Beautiful work! I love the blue color!

  7. I never used to like blue much but now I find myself using it more and I lked the coolness of these pieces too. Thank you. =)

  8. tami Said:

    I love mason jars!!! Like your ideas . . . and the color.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Seems I struck a chord with a lot of gals who love Mason jars! I guess we are all a little nostalgic about them?

  9. shannon Said:

    i like the butterflies. 🙂 looks like you are really enjoying yourself! thanks for sharing.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      I know…doing art full time is like a dream come true. It’s so much fun to just do what you love and love what you do every day!

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