The Now

A recent disappointment has me feeling depressed so it’s been an effort to be creative. The AED challenge has really helped because art is therapy to me and pushing myself to create every day has been healing. But I have been doing a lot of praying and reading uplifting and meditative material as well.  The first choice for me is always the Bible but the other resource I often turn to for wisdom or comfort is Wisdom of the Ages 60 days to enlightenment by Wayne W. Dyer. Today I turned to a chapter called The Now and found exactly what I needed. It is a quatrain written by Omar Khayam, the scholar and astronomer who lived in Iran. (His life span was aproximately 1048 – 1122) He writes:

The Moving Finger writes; and having writ,

Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,

Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

The lesson of these lines is that we must live for today and let go of the past.  Let go of tears that are a symbol of your attachment to the past because self pity and sadness will not wash away one bit of your past. Learn from your wounds and mistakes, bless them as teachers and get back to the work of your life in the now. Dyer writes that” there is a past, but not now. There is a future but not now. From a thousand years ago grasp this simple truth and write your life with it!”  Words to live by, yes?



  1. linda Said:

    Oh dear, I am sorry you are feeling down. I hope things get better real soon and that AED can help somehow like art therapy! Take care! I send you positive thoughts!

  2. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    Very inspiring words. Like it implies….. no one can change the past but we can learn from it and live better in the present and future.

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