By The Sea

This is a painting I posted some time ago which was a little too intense and I just set it aside. When my friend came over and was helping me choose the paintings for my show, she suggested that the brown was too harsh against the purple. I know that all of the colors are really “hard” colors but I decided to mute just the brown down a bit and see what happened.  The other colors still stand out and have an “edge” to them  but I sort of liked it that way now that the brown was playing nicely with the surrounding colors. Still, something more needed to be done so I took a deep breath and got my razor out and here is the cropped version of the painting. Divide and conquer!

Beached & By The Sea

It’s still edgy but somehow with the more muted brown and the addition of the shells, it works for me…



  1. WOW! Maron, I love how the cropping and the white space adds such a huge dimension to your painting. I liked it in the first version but I love, love, love the cropped version.

    KUDOS TO YOU for being so bold!!!

    • Thanks Julie…as you know it’s a bit like taking a razor to a child to try to fix it with the ever present fear that you’d kill it!!! yipes! Good luck with your play. I know you’ll break a leg!

  2. opoetoo Said:

    divide and conquer indeed!

    i did not like the original but i cant tell you why.

    i love what you did with it though and appreciate you sharing your creative process.

  3. and I had the same reaction to the original. Glad you like the cropped version though.

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