Give Thanks…..

Maggie..helping with e-mail

Thanksgiving is here and though it’s early, the house is already filled with wonderful scents. It’s quiet as Maggie & I check the e-mail and the Donald does his morning stint on the treadmill..watching GMA.  The next chore on my list is to iron the Thanksgiving tablecloth and napkins and to set a beautiful table. Then it’s on to filling the relish dish with an assortment of condiments that no one really wants when there is so much other “good stuff” to be had. And somewhere in between… the bed will get made and the house will get one last straightening and I will get my shower and make myself presentable.

Soon enough, the quiet will be broken and the family will arrive bearing yet more goodies to contribute to the feast. Voices and laughter will be heard before they even reach the front door, filling me with a joyfulness that only loved ones can bring. It will be a day of plenty and family. We will join hands around the table for the blessing and afterward, while we eat, everyone will say what they are grateful for…usually prompted by our now 8 year old Grandaughter. Those who can’t be here for the meal will show up later for dessert and a little football watching. Or maybe even a quick game of pool down in the family room. There will be a lot of noise, laughter, cajoling and food. We will pick names for the Christmas stockings and maybe have a game of Old Maids with the kiddies. These are just some of the reasons that I love this day best of all. I have so many reasons to give thanks and to continue,  in my life,  to give……….



  1. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    Happy Thanksgiving sister and to the rest of the family gathering around your table!

    • You’re welcome Julie. Hope your “today” Thanksgiving was lovely.

      And to my sister…I’m happy that I got to see you today and that you had a wonderful day at Jeff’s! =)

  2. What you describe is what I intend for my Thanksgivings to come. Thank you for the inspiration….

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