A good day…..

Well, it was a really nice day today. It’s my birthday so my kids and grandchildren took us out for breakfast after church and it was a very relaxing (except for when little Miss Diva spilled her chocolate milk) , enjoyable time spent with my kiddies. (and I love the gifts I got!) Then our grandaughter came home with us and we took her to her dance practice. She is going to dance two parts in The Nutcracker  in 2 weeks and is very excited about it. As are we, of course! I even indulged in an afternoon nappie time with Miss Maggie before we went for our walk today….ahhh, that’s the life! One more meal of turkey leftovers (ugh) and a bit of studio time. Now that’s what I call a nice relaxing birthday. Tomorrow I will hit the ground running at 4am when I get up to make breakfast for my hunters (hubby & son) on the first day of deer season. The Donald will grumble that this is absouletly his last year for hunting (he’s been saying this for about 15 years now) as I push him out the door in his screaming orange hunting suit. Mags and I will be back in bed by 5am but I will not be able to go back to sleep…it’s the same every year. I have an early appointment anyway tomorrow with the knee doctor for the annual x-ray of my “bionic” knee ..=P  Then it’s off to the Trolley Museum to decorate the Christmas Tree for the competition. If I have any energy left at all after that, I’ll do a little shopping before returning home to see how the hunters made out.  It’s a little like the Ground Hog Day movie every year at this time…deja vu!


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