Christmas Fair…

Snow Flake Pins

Our Church had a Christmas Bazzar today and I donated a few things I made for the cause. Wish I had more time but this was such a  busy week for me. But I did give them a few trays I had made a few months ago too. On the bright side…I did purchase a few dozen homeade cookies for the holidays that I will pass off as my own! lol!



  1. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    What a cute idea… snowflake pins! Wish I had thought of making them for my Church’s Christmas Bazaar. I’ll steal your idea for next year. =)
    Your sled looks very pretty too.

    • And they are very easy to make as well. Actually, I got the idea from a bank teller who had the pin on and let me draw a quick sketch on an envelope! lol!

  2. Ana Said:

    I love what you created for the Christmas Fair and I agree it is a wonderful idea. Latetly I have been thinking of a similiar thing, to be part or organise a fair. I think now it would have to be after the Christmas period. You see I’d like to sell my entire book collection and a few bits and bobs lying around. The idea that people have tea and cakes at Fairs here in the UK is also something that could be added to it, and I can add crafts either to sell or giveaway! (Which I find also very rewarding)
    So good to drop by your blog again, and have a very Happy Christmas! I see you are already in gear for it.

    • Ana,
      So nice to hear from you. The fair was a great success and the ladies raised over $880 dollars for the church. They sold a lot of home made Christmas cookies too. I know you would be a great organizer just knowing how creative you are. Hope your holidays are just wonderful.
      xo Maron

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