Ho Ho Ho!!!

Lights are lacking...

So yesterday, The Donald put the Christmas tree up (we get our tree from the same place every year…the attic!) and he gets 2 sets of those @#%! (his words) cluster lights on, finally, after much struggling to get the entire (@#%! ) string lit each time. Oh, this tree has really been “blessed”…sigh.. so would you believe that 5…count them…FIVE..of the strings do NOT work!! He is NOT a happy camper. “Didn’t you just get new ones last year to replace the ones that didn’t work?!!!” says he . “Yes, dear” says I.  “I don’t know WHY you bought this kind of lights! I HATE these @#%! lights!!!” blood pressure rising, his pulse is now visible in his neck.  “Yes, dear…I did it on purpose because I know you love a challenge…sigh…”  Guess we are off to Wal-Mart or K Mart today to purchase some entirely different kind of lights. You can be sure that I will not be choosing them even if I have to bite my tongue off to restrain myself so that NEXT year I can be the one saying I don’t know WHY you picked THIS kind of lights! ha ha!! Remember the big old screw in lights that lasted forever? and when one blew out, you could tell which one was the offending bulb? Those were simpler days, eh?! Forget about inventing a better mouse trap, why can’t someone invent Christmas tree lights that work for more than half a holiday season, huh?


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