New lights, all done!

Maggie poses

Well, The Donald decided it was time to stop fiddling with the cluster lights after we went to numerous stores and couldn’t find replacements. So we ended up taking the ones that did work off the tree all together and replacing ALL the light sets with ordinary string lights. We got tired of white lights years ago so we got the colored ones as you can see. The Grandkids came just in time to help put the ornaments on so the tree is done…yay! Maggie gave me a rare pose this morning under the tree. She usually scurries away or turns her head when she sees the camera pointed in her direction. Maybe she’s deciding that attention is a good thing after all. Nothing like sharing the spotlight with another furry face to make her rethink her position!  And speaking of the other fur face, Fergus has just blossomed in the few days we’ve had him. He is no longer the shy guy. He has learned his way around the house and quickly discovered (and emptied) the doggie toy basket! We have toys that haven’t seen the light of day in a while strewn all over the place here. He drags stuffed animals twice his size from room to room with much enthusiasm. Maggie has all but given up trying to keep her chew bones away from him. He follows her everywhere but since he can’t get up on the furniture just yet without an assist, she does take her “breaks” high above her little brother, on a chair, on the loveseat, on the sofa, etc. Last night, my daughter-in-law came over with a new pink toy for Maggie and a blue one for Fergus. Maggie promptly decided she would choose the blue one and away she went with it. No matter…Fergus will soon have both of them stashed behind the loveseat or in his “nest” of a bed! And Maggie will allow it because she is, after all, the “big Sister”…



  1. Bonnie Gogolski Said:

    I hope you realize that you’re the envy of thousands of little children….. A new puppy for Christmas! =)

  2. Jeryl Genschow Said:

    I can’t wait to meet Fergus, he looks adorable. Congratulations!

  3. leah Said:

    awww, what a sweet face Maggie has! I just want to cover her in kisses! 🙂

    • She says come on down and she will “allow” you to worship her! She’s such a good “big sister” to Fergus. It’s really amazing how they have bonded already.

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