A Merry Day

Noel or Leon?

Well, Christmas Day was a Merry event, as always, in our house. Today we are pooped but yesterday was a day full of fun and activity, food, family and traditions. One such “tradition” is an ongoing “battle” that my son and I have throughout the entire holiday. From the moment the decorations go up, Ryan, who lives right next door to me, changes my Noel ceramic letters to read “Leon” after which I switch it back to “Noel” and so it goes on and on and on…. I never see him do it…never catch him in the act but I know ,as sure as God made little green apples, that when Ryan has been there, Leon will follow!! Silly I know but all a part of the festivities. Another bit of silliness is the pair of skimpy silk panties that show up in someone’s stocking each year. They are well traveled though never worn… The rest of the holiday is much like anyone elses, revolving around food, family and friends and endless visits and holiday gatherings. I’m tired already and it’s only the day after Christmas! Yesterday, we had one extra dog here as well. My Grandkids bring their doggie because it’s only fair that Cocoa get to share in the festivities of the day. So we had one dog fight as Maggie established her status in the house which left poor Fergus quaking under a chair in the office. We tucked him safely into his crate until order was restored and the older dogs proceeded to play nice while the gifts were unwrapped. Later Fergus came out and joined the chaos and seemed to enjoy the activity from this person’s lap or that person’s shoulder or a perch on the loveseat. But even the doggies get tired and need a little rest…

Tired Christmas Pups

The very best part of the day yesterday was surprising my 85 year old Mom with a framed photo of her Grandparents standing in front of their business establisment which Mom remembers from her childhood. She shared her memories of the building with us and it was good to see her smile at the remembrance. Life is good…

Gigi shares a memory....


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