Recycling Experiment

watercolor pencil upgrade

I had these little pencil sketches and thought I’d use my new tools to recycle them into colorful little paper dolls. Still leaning how much water to use and of course it would blend better on actual watercolor paper instead of just my sketch books…

but it’s a fun process to experiment with something new….=)



  1. linda Said:

    Nice experimentation! Watercolor can be so fun…and it’s such a nice way to spice up sketches….lovely!

  2. Thanks Linda. And the pencils are so much easier to work with in this instance than regular watercolors would be.

  3. I have so many great memories of paper dolls and my Mom. In fact, it used to be as soon as she showed up, Emma would fetch the drawing materials so Nana would make some of her signature paper dolls.

    • Julie,
      My sister and I just LOVED paper dolls when we were young too. The ones we got from the store and the ones we made for ourselves! They are great memories that we often talk about.

  4. Kelly Shults Said:

    Oh… those are just adorable! I love the sketches and the soft look of the watercolors. It makes me want to pull out my watercolors and pencils. 🙂

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Thank you Kelly. By all means, go for it! I’d love to see your sketches too…=)

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