Animals in our lives….

Miss Maggie

This last post for 2009 could be posted under Paw Prints but I chose”‘A Day In The Life”  because animals are such an integral, important part of my life. Maggie is the Alpha Dog in our house right now. She will be five years old on April 10th. She came to us from a situation where she was confined to a crate for the whole day and was “supposedly” housebroken….NOT!!!! She was a challenge and had more “last chances” than you can imagine! But while we looked for another home for her, we fell in love with her and her unsinkable spirit. She bonded with Tavi and especially Gus, our other two Scotties and wormed her way into our hearts. Does she still tinkle when strangers come to call?…yep, sometimes…but our dear friends are all trained to avoid eye contact and not to acknowledge her at all for the first 15 minutes or so and then all is well. First she lost the “elder” Tavi and then her best pal, Gus…and then she was alone for almost 5 months  here…looking a little sad and lonely. Enter Fergus…the new guy in town…and you never know how that will go!! Well, kudos to our gal Maggie for she welcomed the little guy graciously and has taken him under her wing, no matter how bold he has been…and yes, there have been times when he has been pretty BOLD!! She is my hero for 2009. Let it be known that she has the patience of Job with this little guy and is showing him the ropes while she puts up with his puppy antics. So, as we welcome a new year, we salute our Maggie girl and welcome the little one into the fold. Happy New Year to all our friends and may your 2010 be filled with people who have the traits that our Maggie has shown us…and you will have some wonderful people in your lives!!

Maggie plays nice...



  1. Cathy Said:

    Looks like you have her plugged in, in the first picture. Are you recharging her batteries? No wonder she has so much energy:)

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      That’s so funny…my sister noticed the same thing! Yes, she sure does have energy and she needs it to keep up with Fergus!

  2. Bonnie Craig Gogolski Said:

    I noticed that she was “plugged in” too! She’s getting all charged up for the New Year so she can keep up with her new brother!

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Ha ha, I had to look and see what you were talking about. She was sitiing next to the pc which has a kodak camera port plugged into it right where she’s sitting =)

  3. Adorable! I have cats, but love this type of dog.
    The paper dolls are a great idea. I love my watercolor pencils, they are so much fun.


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