Building bodies….

more practice sketches


I have always loved doing faces and heads but shied away from doing the whole figure so the CED theme for January plays right into my weakness and challenges me to practice, practice, practice. Since the new pup arrived, I have only had time and energy for my sketch books anyway so I am making an effort to connect some bodies to the cute heads I draw! Also, I am practicing outlining my pencil sketches with the fine liners…which I find a little intimidating because if you don’t take your time, (or you have a puppy attached to your pant leg) and your hand shakes just a little, you can ruin a perfectly good sketch!!  So the above sketches are outlined and waiting for the color application (the fun part). 

figure drawing 101


Okay…they may only be “cartoon” type figure drawings but it’s a start and as you can see by my “contrived” photo setting, I have dusted off my copy of Figure Drawing from my Graphic Arts class days! (lots of dust has accumulated since then…ha!) Anyway, it’s a good way to start the new year by tackling something that I have previously avoided and hopefully getting stronger in that area of my art! (no wonder I love collage and abstract art so much!)


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