Golden Autumn

Golden Autumn


Hooray!!! I finally got some “quality” Studio time today and finished a collage that I had been working on for a while now. Little Fergus was “down for a nap” in his crate for a few hours so I really enjoyed the time to slip away for some creative time for myself!! I love fall so I really like this piece. You may not be able to tell by the photo but it is a three dimensional acryllic painting with some collaged elements that I painted and cut out and applied to the painting. The oak leaves are especially wonderful in their color and crispness! They are the result of a leaf punch and some wonderful fall colored papers that fell into my possession. Each leaf is individually applied to the collage, making for a wonderful, airy arrangement… I’m afraid that this is one you really have to see up close and personal to appreciate the wonderful details!



  1. Debby Singleton Said:

    LOVE IT!!! Fall is my favorite so these colors are singing to me. Is it for sale?

    • EVERYTHING is for sale…$275.00 for the original Shipping and handling included!!

  2. Bonnie Craig Gogolski Said:

    Wow, what a beautiful picture! I want to see it in person myself.

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