An Art Picnic

portable "Studio"

 I’ve been having a hard time getting any amount of quality time in my Studio since the new pup joined our family and even when I am in there, I am wondering if Pop is watching that he doesn’t tear the place up or tinkle on the rugs, etc. So I got to thinking about Leah’s (Creative Every Day) Art Picnics where she spreads some supplies out on any surface and begins to create. That prompted me to fill a wicker basket with some things I might use along with my badly neglected art journal and after spreading it all out on a card table, I was able to work for a few hours right in the heart of the household with all the activity going on around me! I admit to being somewhat of a solitary person when it comes to creating art but last night it worked for me to be surrounded by activity while I worked. Just proves that it pays to try something different when you are desperate for time to create!!  I was able to finish two pages in my Journal and work on a few ideas for some new projects in the near future.


Like most creative people, I save some pretty wierd objects and had a bunch of labels hanging on a cork board in my studio. I got to thinking how some people define themselves by the “things” they own…the labels they choose and that is the story behind this journal page.

First Show...

These pages speak for themselves, documenting an exciting event in my life last year…


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