On Jamie Ridler’s blog, she encourages Wishcasting (Wednedays). It’s a great idea. It’s akin to setting goals, in my mind, and putting them out there into the universe (my Grandaughter’s words) to be fulfilled.  My BIG goal for 2010 is to get in touch with the adventurer inside of me and to get her to move forward on some specific goals that have been “percolating” in her little brain for some time now. These are goals related to my creative life for the most part but they do touch on my everyday life as well. What are you wishing for this year? Put it out there…into the universe…you may just be surprised!!



  1. pamq Said:

    Good luck on those goals!!!

    I’m not really sure what my wishes are for 2010…I’m still trying to recover from 2009!

    But I have a couple things “percolating in my little brain” as you said, and maybe sooner or later I will get around to giving them some attention…..

  2. I think that if you are aware that those desires are actual “seedlings”, that you will conciously and subconciously nurture them. Good for you Pam…

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