I have been purging my studio of unnecessary “stuff”!! It’s a great feeling. My Hubby bought me a little TV for Christmas for in my studio because he knows how much I love to watch HGTV!!  (What a guy!!)  He ran the cable wire into the room and hooked up the TV yesterday. And so I have begun the process of getting rid of things that I really don’t need in there. I have already emptied a few shelves and re-purposed them in a positive way. I got rid of the ancient PC that occupied an entire table in there too. BTW, did you know that  Best Buy has a PC recycling program?!  I have two of them to get rid of. (log onto their website for details) Tomorrow I will (hopefully) finish this tedious job!



  1. linda Said:

    Sounds like early Spring cleaning! Hurray for doing it so early!

    • Linda,
      Oh no…I finished my spring cleaning. I think it was back in 1992! ha ha! I have found the best way to keep everything up to my standards was to lower my standards. As I age, I try not to let little things bother me as much but underneath it all there is still a “clean freak”!!

  2. leah Said:

    Seems like so many people I know are purging their spaces. I’m going to give it a go this week too!

    • Well, since your space is new, that should be pretty easy…yeah, right! lol

  3. juliejordans Said:

    YAY for you! This looks great!!

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