Bad art/one palette Day!!

Bad palette day

So today I decided to have a bad art day..when I can produce any art..even bad art but with a little twist because I chose one palette as well…black, turquoise and gold metallic



  1. opoetoo Said:

    not bad lol

  2. linda Said:

    What do you mean bad?! I love the colors…wow!

  3. Sometimes they grow on me after a while.

  4. Marie Young Said:

    I wish I had your bad art day! I had a “bad art” day with my clay yesterday and I didn’t even want my husband to see it. I squished it up and it is ready to become something new tomorrow.

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Looking at the your work, it’s hard to believe that you ever have a bad day. We are our own worst critics. I guess we need to remember that!! I’d be willing to bet that out of the ashes of yesterday’s clay jumble that something wonderful will take form!!

  5. Ruthie Said:

    Some days its good to just let go and let yourself create without worrying about the results 🙂

  6. pamq Said:


    I love your “bad” art!

    Those colors are awesome together and they look like fun pieces—not bad pieces!!!

    I especially like the biggest one……….

    • Well, the jury has decided then that my bad art day wasn’t too bad after all. Thanks to everyone who weighed in on these 3 easy pieces! =)

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