Red Hot Sunset

Red Hot Sunset


Well, my class in new acrylic techniques was cancelled because not enough people signed up for it so that was a disappointment but I have been having fun with the medium anyway. Although I usually combine acrylic with collage or other mediums, this one is purely acrylic. When I was painting primarily in oils, I thought acrylics were so brash and a little too vibrant for me but I have come to love the happy colors dancing around on my canvas. I think trees are one of my favorite subjects to paint and I love to make a tree the “star” of a painting or collage.  I may try putting this painting in a larger frame with a mat just to see which way it looks best but so far I like it as is.



  1. Bonnie Craig Gogolski Said:

    Very bright and colorful. You know what they used to say; “red sky at night, sailor’s delght”!

    • I was thinking about that when I painted this one…=) Great minds think alike lol!

  2. pamq Said:

    Keep those bright colors coming!

    I tend to go with the “tamer” colors most of the time, but I really like what you are doing!!

    I can tell you like to paint trees!

    Too bad about your class getting cancelled, but it looks like you are doing very well on your own…..

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      thanks Pam

  3. This painting is GORGEOUS! Maron! I feel warm just looking at it!

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      Julie, wish I could say the same thing. It’s bitter cold here today =(

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