This acrylic painting has been a long time coming and really, I don’t know if it’s done and I don’t even know if I like it. ….sigh….  I just know I’m a little tired of it. lol!



  1. pamq Said:

    Oh, this post made me laugh!

    I know exactly how you feel!

    I feel the same way about many of my projects…..

    • Pam,
      Even my sister who is responsible (way back when) for getting me into sketching to begin with, says it “needs” more. I know she is right and so it will go back on the easel and look at me everyday until it tells me what it wants…lol! I love your input friend!xo Mar

  2. opoetoo Said:

    sometimes less is more ?

    thank you for sharing your works in progress and your thoughts .

  3. And I thank you for your comments for how can we improve unless we have friends to bounce things off of?! As you can see..I took your advice and added a figure to the painting as well as a flock of home bound geese. I’ll let it “percolate” for a while anyway. lol

    • opoetoo Said:

      Okay I went back to see just what went down 🙂 .
      I was suggesting a dark figure ,barely visible.
      Figure ,none the less, and now I come off with this “less is more ” stuff and you have the nerve to go write something nice about me on my blog.
      You are a friend indeed 🙂

      I am sure there will be elation after perculation.

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