And the winners are….

The Auber Genie with basket of purple dreams
The winner of the Auber Geni is Loryia Bond from Loralai Original Art. Congratulations Loryia, the Geni will glide on over on his magic carpet as soon as I hear from you!!
And the winner of the mini collage, “You Are Music For my Soul” is Leslie Anderson from My Life & Times. I’ll be waiting to hear from you too Leslie!
I have e-mailed both winners as well.
Thanks to all who entered the giveaway it was great fun to meet folks from The Netherlands, Moldova, Canada, New Zealand & The Philippines…just to name a few of the places that participants hailed from..not to mention all corners of the USA!! And while participation takes a little time and effort, it is well worth it to discover such wonderful sites that I will surely visit again and again in the future!!  Thanks to everyone and especially Lisa for making this such a successful event!


  1. Here I am !!! I am so super excited i cant stand it. Left my info on your gmail, THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

  2. I am so excited about this Win!!! And btw i totally love your play on words name from Dickens. I am posting it to my Blog, SO PROUD!!! THANKS!!!

    • theartfulcodger Said:

      I’m so pleased that you are excited!! Can’t wait to send the Geni on his way…….

  3. Maron, I wanted to let you know my lovely prize collage arrived a few days ago and it is even better in person. Thank you so much. It’s hanging in my art room!


    • theartfulcodger Said:

      I’m so glad you like it! I love hanging other people’s art in my creative space as well. It inspires me!

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